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Why Us

The Property Ombudsman

The Property Ombudsman

We understand the importance of trust, transparency, and accountability in the real estate industry. That’s why we are not only proud partners of The Property Ombudsman but also registered with this esteemed organization.

Deposit Protection Scheme

We prioritize the security and peace of mind of both property owners and tenants. That’s why we are proud to be registered with the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS), a trusted and government-backed initiative designed to safeguard tenancy deposits.


Approved Code Trading Standards

Proud to announce that we have been recognized by the Approved Code Trading Standards. This recognition stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to professionalism, ethics, and industry excellence in the field of estate agency.



Members of Rightmove, the UK’s largest online property marketplace. Our affiliation with Rightmove is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional properties and leveraging cutting-edge advertising skills to connect buyers with their dream homes.

Glo IT - IT Support Florida

At Essex Guild Homes, we understand the critical role that technology, IT support, and security play in today’s business landscape. That’s why we are proud to have Glo IT¬†as our trusted partner in revolutionizing our IT, telecommunications, and security infrastructure.

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Glo IT - IT Support Essex

At Essex Guild Homes, we are delighted to introduce Team Glo IT, our dedicated IT partner serving the regions of Essex, London, and Cambridge. As a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP), Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), and Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Team Global UK plays a pivotal role in delivering exceptional IT services to our organization.

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