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A new report published by the National Security Agency in the UK, with its partners, aims to help network defenders detect suspicious activity in Citrix ADC environments.

The report was released as part of the NSA’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month activities. The release is intended to help IT professionals understand how the NSA and other federal agencies work with industry partners to protect networks from potential threats.

The report describes how network administrators can use custom security analytics tools to identify and block attacks on their networks. These tools include a dynamic threat analysis script that can be used with a variety of different security products.

The script includes multiple checks for common indicators of compromise (IOCs), including but not limited to:

  • User account creation/deletion;
  • Modification of firewall rules;
  • Modification of antivirus policies;
  • Execution of malicious code; and
  • Suspicious access attempts against critical systems (such as a database).

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To find out what the National Cyber Security Centre does throughout the UK you can head to their website

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