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Is the Inventory Shortage Coming to an End? Ubiquiti shortages has caused delays, project adjustments & inconvenience due to the global microchip shortages for the past 2 years… not for long now.

The inventory shortage has dragged on for more than two years now, but for shoppers playing the waiting game, it might feel more like two decades. First, supply chain and labor constraints early in the pandemic forced Ubiquiti to cut infrastructure production; then the global microchip shortage further exacerbated the situation.

The easing of the microchip shortage is responsible for the production and inventory improvements seen in recent months, If this trend continues, lower prices may follow thanks to reduced markups:

Orbital IT have had back-stock of equipment from Ubiquiti’s last 2022/23 batch pushed through production. comments from our CEO Lee Strachan;

We are closely monitoring the production line from our partners Ubiquiti Inc, I can give the reassurances of those on demand line items we have a safe amount of stock to account for. Orbital IT have felt the strain on some lines from Ubiquiti Inc and continue to work with them to obtain back-orders and increase stock counts.

We have a range of Ubiquiti items in stock still, keep a eye on our marketplace or register for those out of stock items for when we have them next in..

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Got a question on the latest shortage from Ubiquiti Inc? Get in touch or if looking to enquire on stock levels you can email us on [email protected] or by calling 01702 595 745 opt 1. Alternatively please follow the call the action below. Is the Inventory Shortage Coming to an End?

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