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Our Director on the Breakfast Show

Our director recently appeared on the breakfast show to discuss various topics related to the company and its initiatives. The host of the show conducted an engaging and informative interview with our director, allowing them to showcase their knowledge and share their vision for the future. Our director spoke about the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence, as well as their dedication to serving the needs of our customers.

our director was also asked about their thoughts on the latest developments in the tech and IT industry. They shared their insights on the role of technology in shaping the future, and how our company is utilizing cutting-edge technologies to drive growth and improve the customer experience.

emphasized the importance of staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly-evolving industry, and discussed the steps that the company is taking to stay at the forefront of innovation. They also touched upon the challenges of adapting to new technologies and the need for continuous learning and improvement. The audience was impressed by our director’s knowledge and understanding of the tech and IT industry.

The appearance was well-received by the audience and generated positive buzz for the company. Overall, it was a great opportunity for our director to promote the brand and connect with a wider audience.

Our Managing Director Lee Strachan brings his ideas to the table and puts some important input regards to Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams Voice and the newly established Orbital Network Operations Centre (ONOC)

Check out Team Orbital re-attending The Breakfast show with Nick Looby and David James Bell talking about your Tech Apps, and what you would do without them.

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