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Teams User Keep Reading

Teams User Keep Reading, According to security researchers at Avannan, hackers are using Microsoft teams to spread malicious programs during conversations between users.

These hackers are accessing compromised accounts and sharing files labeled ‘User Centric’; if the individual clicks this file, the hacker would eventually be able to take control of the user’s computer, accessing their data.

The file is known as ‘Trojan malware’ which is defined to be a computer virus that is downloaded onto a compuiter disguised as a legitimate piece of software. These viruses are often hidden in emails or free to download files.

Microsoft Teams has become a popular feature of Microsoft; primarily being used by professionals working from home or within the education system. Due to the nature of the program, users may not think twice about a link being sent in a chat – potentially exposing themselves to a variety of malware attacks.

As of January 2022, Microsoft Teams surpassed 270 million monthly active users which has almost doubled in the last year. This is due to the increase in flexible and hybrid working in the UK.

Overall, Microsoft Teams is an essential tool for many individuals all around the world in today’s day and age but one has to consider their security even within the software.

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