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Welcome to the new and improved Windows Holographic!

We’re excited to share with you all the Hololens new features that are available in this update.

First, we’ve added support for Snapdragon’s Cross Platform interoperability for MRTK3. This means that you can now use your Qualcomm Snapdragon VR platform on your Windows Holographic device and take advantage of the new features it offers.

Second, we’ve made it easier than ever to automate testing of your mixed reality solutions.

Our perception simulation library sends simulated human input data, allowing you to test complex interactions without having to manually enter data into each interaction or wait for things like clicking on buttons or menus. You can also create virtual environments using our 3D modeling toolkit, which allows you to build virtual worlds out of objects that you create yourself or import from other sources such as SketchUp or Blender.

We have now given you the Hololens New Features,

Finally, we’ve expanded our software development kit (SDK) with new APIs that give you access to more features than ever before! Want to find out more head to or head to our Microsoft page

In addition to this partnership announcement, Microsoft released an update to their Perception Simulation Library (PSL), which is a toolkit for building human-computer interaction scenarios in VR/AR environments. The PSL uses machine learning techniques to simulate human and world input data for testing purposes. It can be used with any backend development framework such as Unity or OpenVR

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