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Join our journey, as we grow you grow.. Our vision is expansion and growth in to the North of England & further exploration to America!

Orbital IT have grown over the years, driven from a family run business and it continues it successful story and lead by our CEO Lee Strachan. The journey all begun back in 2012 whereas success and the road of vision was lit up. We are Orbital.

10 years ago, Lee Strachan was homeless and sleeping rough on the streets of Southend-on-Sea. Now, he's a successful businessman. Throughout his childhood and early twenties, Lee spent time sofa-surfing and sleeping rough across the Southend borough. Passers by labelled him as a "drug addict" and "alcoholic", just because he was living on the streets.

Our Next Adventure

Our next adventure is growth, and continue the journey of building strong partnerships. Following the succession of working very closely with our close partners Orri, a specialist eating disorder unit delivering a 5 star therapeutic service in the City of London.

The next stepping stone is exploring international affairs, Lee Strachan has been throughout the first quarter of 2023 building partnerships in Florida, America with Microsoft and Nable securing accreditations and professional registrations.

Journey will begin from Florida, America in Fort Myers and will be monitored closely to see its succession, a service which will reunite Paul and Lee together in the family journeys, Paul will be taking on the lead for overseas in America when Lee flys back to England in March 2023.

Meet our.. Orbitions

As part of our huge rebrand we delivered throughout December 2022 in to January 2023, we brought in three of our new mascots and the family to lead us for take off…. Meet Cosmos, Nysa & Sirius 

3...2....1.. We are launch for our Marketplace

We grow at a steady but fast pace, since the rebranding we even launched our Cloud Marketplace on our website enabling full end user experience and transparency. This enables you as the end user to manage your Microsoft 365 subscriptions, and also purchase hardware on the go.

The Orbital Training Academy material can also be accessed from here, which delivers CPD, Official certification with leading services such as Microsoft, and Ubiquiti plus our very own in-house training for business strategy lead by our trainer Paul White, should you have any enquiries on the Academy you can email us on [email protected]

Get in touch today, find out more about our IT Support, or even the Cloud Marketplace you can reach us on 01702 585 745 or alternatively follow the Call Us now button below.

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